Friday, November 20, 2009

Movie review: New Moon

Yeah, I can hear some people groaning already. Shut up. :)

I'm not a rabid Twilight fan, really. I read the books in the space of a week to have something to talk to my new co-workers about, and found I liked them in spite of myself. They're so incredibly ... just .... they're teenage wish-fulfillment fantasies. I can see why fourteen year old girls flock to them, and I admit it appeals to the little tiny part of me that likes to squeal.

I actually wasn't even going to go to the midnight showing, but a friend got me a ticket, so away I went. And New Moon is much, much better than Twilight was. To start with, they cut out (most) of the cheese factor--Carlisle doesn't look like he greased himself and rolled in flour, for instance. They still did some of that blurry-moving-vampire stuff, but it wasn't an obnoxious. And the acting, overall, was much better. They also toned down Edward's sparkliness, which was appreciated.

The film makers obviously decided to capitalize on the Tyler/Jacob hype--there were plenty of shots of his newly buffed chest. There was also a very romance novel shot where he's shirtless and riding to Bella's rescue on a motorcycle and dramatically dismounts to save her. I'm not complaining--I'd rather look at Taylor Lautner than Robert Pattinson. Well, sometimes. I was definitely on Team Jacob by the end of the movie.

Also, I'm totally straight, but Rachelle Lefevre? She's hot. Her fighting and running from the werewolves was sweet. I'm very disappointed that she's being replace for Eclipse.

I'm not even going to comment on the plot, really; I'll just say the movie stuck pretty damn close to the book. No big surprises there, and the huge lapses of time that were glossed over in the book were handled pretty well in the movie. The end, though, chapped my ass. Not that it deviates from the book, it doesn't; it's just the particular moment they cut it off at.

I did miss some aspects of Twilight, mainly Catherine Hardwicke's particular cinematic flair. One thing I really did like about Twilight were shots like where Bella's dreaming about Edward biting her and it looks like an old school vampire movie. Or the end, with Victoria descending the stars--those particular quirky scenes. New Moon was more action-oriented, and just had a different look and feel altogether. I didn't dislike it, I just thought the cinematography had a less individual flair.

I'm glad I went to see it, and I'm sure I'll be buying it.

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